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Character Rank Level Class Race Specialization Alts
Supernöva 60 Mage Mage Male Human Human (Male) Fire Fire 1
Bigchief 50 Warrior Warrior Male Human Human (Male) Fury Fury 1
Deliciouenes 60 Hunter Hunter Female Draenei Draenei (Female) Marksmanship Marksmanship 6
Boscoe 60 Warlock Warlock Male Gnome Gnome (Male) Affliction Affliction 1
Nephradite 40 Shaman Shaman Female Draenei Draenei (Female) 1
Volkrun 35 Monk Monk Male Dwarf Dwarf (Male) Brewmaster Brewmaster 0
Alliâ 38 Mage Mage Female Human Human (Female) Frost Frost 1
Crazyturtle 34 Hunter Hunter Female Night Elf Night Elf (Female) Beast Mastery Beast Mastery 0
Dalam 50 Rogue Rogue Male Night Elf Night Elf (Male) Assassination Assassination 1
Denadiir 55 Demon Hunter Demon Hunter Male Night Elf Night Elf (Male) Vengeance Vengeance 2
Elgand 32 Priest Priest Male Human Human (Male) Holy Holy 0
Pumpkinns 43 Priest Priest Female Night Elf Night Elf (Female) Shadow Shadow 0
Trixilynne 33 Mage Mage Female Gnome Gnome (Female) Frost Frost 0
Ubetarun 10 Hunter Hunter Male Night Elf Night Elf (Male) 0
Msnöva might not be a treehugger, but she hugged other players 16 times...
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