Sacred Tears @ Dalaran (US)


Character Rank Level Class Race Specialization Alts
Lynthelenda Guild Master 13 Rogue Rogue Female Undead Undead (Female) 4
Iseri Officer 60 Hunter Hunter Female Blood Elf Blood Elf (Female) Marksmanship Marksmanship 3
Alnureth Member 25 Priest Priest Male Nightborne Nightborne (Male) Discipline Discipline 1
Azenari Member 10 Shaman Shaman Female Vulpera Vulpera (Female) Elemental Elemental 0
Oniduun Member 10 Mage Mage Female Orc Orc (Female) Arcane Arcane 0
Alístair likes to wave at others and has done so 3 times...
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