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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How often are the stats updated?
A: The stats are updated once a day.

Q: How do I add my own guild or a guild I'm in to the Guild Stats?
A: Head over to the signup page, authenticate with Blizzard and you'll get a list of guilds you are in. From there you'll be able to add a guild you're in or visit the guild page if it already exists.

Q: Who can change the main character of a person's alt?
A: The guild master or one rank below can change the main character of all people in their guild. When authenticated the person itself can change his or her own main character from a character's profile page.

Q: Where can I find the guild settings, who can manage them and what options are there?
A: In order to manage to guild settings you've to be authenticated with your Blizzard profile:
1) You can find the settings on the main page (roster) of your guild, next to the title there's a manage link.
2) The guild master and one rank below are able to access the guild management.
3) Currently you can enter the guild ranks there and manage the Discord settings.

Discord Achievements

Q: How do I setup the achievement announcements to Discord?
A: For this you need to be an administrator or be able to set up webhooks on the Discord server.
1) On the top left, click on the server name and go to Server Settings,
2) From the menu on the left, go to Webhooks and click on Create Webhook,
3) From here you can give the webhook a name (such as 'Guild Stats') and set the channel to where it should announce,
4) From the Webhook URL field, copy the address, and paste this into the Webhook URL field on the Guild Stats manage Discord page,
5) Click the save button in Discord and select the announcement options you want and click on submit.

Now the next time someone earns a guild first achievement or a special achievement (depending on the options selected) it'll be announced to Discord when the stats are updated.

Q: What does the option for the special achievements mean on the Discord page under Guild Management?

A: This will announce when a main character earned one of the following achievements:

Some achievements may look to be listed double, but this is because of the Alliance and Horde counterpart. Do note that this list may change over time.

Events & Discord Signup

Q: How do get event signups on Discord?
A: This functionalitaly is still partial under construction, but you can head over to the Discord to have it set up.

Q: When is an event posted?
A: First of it has to be a signup event, and an event is posted 7 days before the start time. If it is within a week, it should show up in a minute on Discord.
In the future you'll be able to ignore the posting schedule by checking a seperate option.

Q: Will an event be automatically deleted afterwards?
A: Yes, the Discord post for an event will be deleted 4 hours after the event start.


Q: I've another questions or an idea/suggestion for the site, where can I leave it?
A: The best way would be to head over to the Discord and leave your question, idea or suggestion there!

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