Forgotten Legacy @ Sporeggar (EU)


Character Rank Level Class Race Specialization Alts
Alistea 32 Mage Mage Female Worgen Worgen (Female) Frost Frost 0
Spark 32 Mage Mage Female Gnome Gnome (Female) 0
Azelle 33 Shaman Shaman Female Draenei Draenei (Female) Elemental Elemental 3
Bogumil 40 Mage Mage Female Human Human (Female) Fire Fire 0
Lerri 32 Priest Priest Female Human Human (Female) 0
Mazikeen 32 Shaman Shaman Female Draenei Draenei (Female) 6
Ovvar 30 Paladin Paladin Male Dwarf Dwarf (Male) 0
Zachhe 34 Rogue Rogue Male Human Human (Male) Outlaw Outlaw 0
Boopie 30 Priest Priest Female Gnome Gnome (Female) 0
Rudzia 32 Priest Priest Female Dwarf Dwarf (Female) 1
Shallena 16 Priest Priest Female Draenei Draenei (Female) 0
Sharreil 20 Warrior Warrior Male Worgen Worgen (Male) Fury Fury 0
Telren 31 Paladin Paladin Male Draenei Draenei (Male) Protection Protection 0
Keltrick 27 Rogue Rogue Male Human Human (Male) 0
Rishna 32 Death Knight Death Knight Male Gnome Gnome (Male) 0
Spark likes to take hot baths, but unfortunately died 2 times by lava...
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