El Methodo @ Sanguino (EU)


Character Rank Level Class Race Specialization Alts
Zolty 60 Rogue Rogue Female Blood Elf Blood Elf (Female) Outlaw Outlaw 11
Coolmoo 60 Paladin Paladin Female Tauren Tauren (Female) Protection Protection 4
Dobrytaco 50 Priest Priest Female Undead Undead (Female) Shadow Shadow 1
Koonk 50 Shaman Shaman Male Orc Orc (Male) Elemental Elemental 5
Aysha 45 Paladin Paladin Female Blood Elf Blood Elf (Female) 6
Blueberryjum 50 Warrior Warrior Male Orc Orc (Male) Arms Arms 0
Branca 50 Druid Druid Female Tauren Tauren (Female) Balance Balance 0
Cacex 50 Paladin Paladin Male Tauren Tauren (Male) 0
Charisard 37 Hunter Hunter Male Orc Orc (Male) Beast Mastery Beast Mastery 4
Copopper 18 Rogue Rogue Male Blood Elf Blood Elf (Male) Assassination Assassination 3
Doomin 60 Priest Priest Male Undead Undead (Male) Discipline Discipline 11
Elula 17 Warlock Warlock Female Undead Undead (Female) 0
Faulz 33 Monk Monk Male Orc Orc (Male) Windwalker Windwalker 1
Gobby 34 Death Knight Death Knight Female Goblin Goblin (Female) Unholy Unholy 0
Holybomb 36 Priest Priest Female Goblin Goblin (Female) Discipline Discipline 0
Ketamin 45 Warlock Warlock Male Undead Undead (Male) Destruction Destruction 0
Kmikc 29 Shaman Shaman Female Mag'har Orc Mag'har Orc (Female) Elemental Elemental 1
Meilleure 51 Paladin Paladin Female Blood Elf Blood Elf (Female) Retribution Retribution 1
Mutilado 60 Rogue Rogue Male Undead Undead (Male) Subtlety Subtlety 4
Psickomantys 60 Druid Druid Male Tauren Tauren (Male) Guardian Guardian 4
Rosalía 26 Hunter Hunter Female Goblin Goblin (Female) Beast Mastery Beast Mastery 0
Ruskas 18 Warlock Warlock Female Goblin Goblin (Female) Demonology Demonology 0
Coolmoo died 10 times by drowning...
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