Tabard Lost Rowsdowers @ Draenor (EU)

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With this page you can plan groups for things such as raids, wargames or dungeon runs. You starting by adding characters from the input field or adding all members of a rank using the Add (All Rank) buttons. You can change roles by clicking on a character's spec icon and selecting a different spec, or by dragging them into a different pool. When you're done adding characters, you can either manually drag them to a group or use the Assign Groups button. Under the Options button you can change the setting for a party or raid with some additional configuration. You can share/save your setup by using the Export button, share/save the code it generated and later importing it with the Import button.


Tanks 0

Healers 0

Melee DPS 0

Ranged DPS 0


Group 1
0 0 0 0

Group 2
0 0 0 0

Wunderbum needs some safety instructions on landing, since she died 35 times by falling to her death...
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