Deluded Tendency @ Draenor (EU)


Character Rank Level Class Race Specialization Alts
Sóulstoned 45 Warlock Warlock Male Orc Orc (Male) 0
Elmish 24 Hunter Hunter Female Nightborne Nightborne (Female) Marksmanship Marksmanship 0
Hasagi 50 Shaman Shaman Male Orc Orc (Male) Enhancement Enhancement 1
Corpereal 50 Paladin Paladin Male Blood Elf Blood Elf (Male) Protection Protection 0
Grubda 50 Warlock Warlock Female Orc Orc (Female) Affliction Affliction 1
Gígan 45 Demon Hunter Demon Hunter Male Blood Elf Blood Elf (Male) Havoc Havoc 0
Kizarue 45 Hunter Hunter Female Goblin Goblin (Female) 0
Rainbowbunny 45 Warrior Warrior Male Blood Elf Blood Elf (Male) Fury Fury 0
Shinree 21 Rogue Rogue Female Nightborne Nightborne (Female) Outlaw Outlaw 0
Skandaaliq 47 Death Knight Death Knight Male Orc Orc (Male) Frost Frost 0
Swinx 50 Paladin Paladin Male Blood Elf Blood Elf (Male) Retribution Retribution 0
Trengh 45 Shaman Shaman Male Tauren Tauren (Male) Elemental Elemental 0
Versol 39 Mage Mage Male Undead Undead (Male) Frost Frost 0
Swinx likes to joke with others and LOL'd 12 times...
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