Aphelion @ Draenor (EU)


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25960 Achievement Points
25835 Achievement Points
23065 Achievement Points


# Character Achievements 
1 Assant 25960 
2 Esculapia 25835 
3 Sneakysneaks 23065 
# Character Achievements 
4 Petardinho 22905 
5 Corr 19725 
6 Morès 19000 
# Character Achievements 
7 Tarashi 18150 
8 Narkuull 16610 
9 Alvi 15540 

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# Character Points  Achievements 

Unique Achievements 10 Random

Achievement Character
Have... Have We Met? Esculapia
Count Your Blessings Assant
Collector: Empty Kegs of Brewfather Xin Wo Yin Assant
The Afterlife Express Assant
Vientos! Esculapia
Collector: Remains of Paragons Tarashi
Darkmoon Duelist Assant
Over Their Heads Tarashi
Big Race Leadfoot Tarashi
Buried Treasures Assant

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Achievements Unearned
Alvi has her spirit returned to her body by shamans 1 time...
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